5D Curved glas skärmskydd Apple iPhone XS Max
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5D Glass Screen protector Apple iPhone XS Max (6.5 ")

  • 9H tempered glass
  • Easy installation
  • Full glue
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5D tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone XS Max

A thin tempered glass screen protector, only 0.18mm thick that covers the entire screen of your Apple iPhone XS Max.

A perfect screen protector in HD

The screen protector not only protects the screen of your Apple iPhone XS Max, but also raises your visual experience to an HD level that preserves the screen's original clarity. Experience colors, sharp contrasts and details in your games, streaming and images without any interference or distortion.

9H hardness

With a 9H hardness, this screen protector can withstand your Apple iPhone XS Max against shocks, scratches and other damage. The 9H scale means that the glass is 9 times stronger than normal glass, which means that your screen protector can withstand damage that would otherwise have destroyed your screen.

Oleophobic coating

What really sets our hardened screen protector for Apple iPhone XS Max in a class of its own is the oleophobic coating. This innovative technology ensures that the screen is not only resistant to dirt and dust, but also to oily fingerprints and grease. You no longer need to frantically polish the screen, a simple wipe is enough to give your screen a crystal clear finish.

Elegant black frame

In addition to adding an elegant touch to your Apple iPhone XS Max, the black frame around our 9H tempered glass display protector has several practical functions. The frame helps center the protector perfectly on your screen, making installation easy and flawless. In addition, it acts as an additional barrier against side impacts and falls, and ensures that the display protector fits properly. The black frame combines form and function to give you a superior user experience.

Easy installation

5D Tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone XS Max easy to install. The protection in tempered glass means that the installation will be bubble-free and with full glue you can easily glue the protection over the entire screen of your phone. A cleaning kit is included so you can easily clean your screen before mounting the screen protector.


Colour: Transparent
Compatibility: Apple iPhone XS Max
Material: Tempered glass

1x tempered glass (phone not included)

0.04 kg
Data sheet
Basic Color
Compatible with model
Iphone Xs Max
Tempered Glass
Compatible with brand
Compatible with model ID
A2101, A1921, A2104
HS Code
5D glass screen protector

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