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Apple is an American company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs.
Quality, ease of use and quality are what best characterize Apple products.
Apple iPhone smartphone with touchscreen and camera was introduced in 2007 under the name iPhone 2G.

New models are recently launched annually.


We at CaseOnline have collected a wide range of mobile phone covers and accessories for all iPhone models.
You will find most types of covers such as back sides full cover covers with front and back which in a smart way
then also functions as an integrated screen protector. You of course have access to the phone's functions.

Today's smartphones are often expensive and above all fragile, so a mobile phone protector is always recommended.

The mobile phone case is available in different materials that provide a better grip on the mobile phone and the best possible protection.
A popular case is silicone case also available in the material TPU (Thermo Poly Urethane) which has
many beneficial properties but still very similar to silicone.

Metal cases provides an extra robust feel and superior protection for your phone.
The material in the metal case is often aluminum which is light and often integrated silicone insert which
together form a very shock absorbent and strong protection .


If you are looking for a mobile wallet, you have come to the right store.
We have a lot of different variants of wallets, cases, bags that are very practical protection for your smartphone,
and they are often equipped with a multitude of functions. Contains card slots for e.g. credit cards, notes, receipts and there are also those with zippered coin compartments.

Some models have room for up to 14 credit cards and are then often called a bag. Mobile wallets are also available with a magnetically removable phone part.
It is a shell that is attached with magnetism to the case, very practical for answering calls.


A screen protector protects the mobile phone from scratches, dirt and impacts.
Display protectors are available in a variety of materials such as tempered glass, PET film, hydrogel, UV glue.