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Apple iPhone 5 (4.0 ")

Apple iPhone 5
Model Number: A1428, A1429, A1442
Introduced: September 2012
Screen size: 4.0 "
Dimensions: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm
Weight: 112g

Mobile Cover & Accessories for Apple iPhone 5

Equip your iPhone 5 with a mobile cover.
A mobile cover or case protects the phone from bumps, dirt and other damage.
Supplement with a screen protector made of tempered glass or plastic film.

Cool iPhone pillow
(VAT incl.)
Ornamental pillow for iPhone lovers! A fun decorative pillow perfect to take with you on the trip or give as a gift! zipper at the bottom with compartments for eg phone or mp3. The pillow is filled with small balls that form incredibly well.
DUCATI Bumper Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5SE
(VAT incl.)
Product available with different options
EXCLUSIVE - DRACO DUCATI Ventare Deff Cleave Special Design, Aluminum Shell Bumper Apple iPhone 5, 5S, CNC milled for perfect fit, this special frame / bumper is screwed together to give your mobile a very good protection !! An optimal protection for those who place high demands!