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A Taiwanese electronics company founded in 1989, an innovative and award-winning company. In 2008 they won the award for the world's fastest laptop. Asus Zenfone was launched in 2014 and every year since then they have released new mobile phones in this series.


CaseOnline has a wide range of mobile phone cases for the entire zenfone series from the start of 2016 to today's mobile phones. A phone case made of silicone protects the mobile well from dirt and scratches.
In most cases also withstands shocks if you happen to drop your mobile phone. There are many varieties of shells to choose from in our e-shop.


Mobile wallet is perceived by some as clumsy, but considering that you have wallet and phone in one, it is very practical and also an extraordinary protection for your mobile phone. The cases often have some type of magnetic lock which keeps the mobile wallet closed, and if an accident occurs, it is really good protection. Phone cases are also available, they have lots of card slots and compartments, up to 14 card slots are not unusual. In addition, space for banknotes and in some models also a coin compartment.


Screen protection also called display protection is always good to apply because the screen easily gets scratched otherwise. Tempered glass screen protectors are a bit more durable and can often save your screen from breaking if you accidentally drop your phone. There are similar screen protectors intended for the phone's camera called camera lens protectors.