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Specifications about the mobile phone

Model: CAT S75
Modelnumber: BM1S1B
Introduced: February 2023
Screensize: 6.6"
Dimensions: 171 x 80 x 11.9mm
Weight: 268g

Phone cases and accessories for Cat S75

The CAT S75 is a durable and robust phone that is perfect for people who work in challenging environments. At CaseOnline you will find a wide range of cases and accessories for the CAT S75, which provide extra protection against dirt, shocks and scratches.
One of the most popular accessories for the CAT S75 is the mobile wallet with room for credit cards. At CaseOnline you will find a number of different cases, made from the durable material TPU.
We have produced different variants of these popular wallet cases and bags, all model adapted for the CAT S75. You will find everything from simple wallet cases with a few card slots to larger bags with space for several cards and coins. Some of these phone cases also have zippers and extra compartments to keep your belongings safe and organized
We also have shells in different colors and designs for the Cat S75. Cover with rotatable ring that is also compatible with magnetic car holders. TPU silicone shell provides a firm grip on the phone without the risk of dropping the phone. No matter what mobile accessory you need, you can be sure to find it at CaseOnline.

When it comes to the CAT S75 screen, it can be good to protect it extra with a screen protector.
We have both screen protectors made of PET, HydroGel and Tempered glass 9H, all model adapted for CAT S75.
In conclusion, CaseOnline offers a wide range of mobile accessories for the CAT S75, including shells, mobile cases and other accessories that protect the phone from damage and dirt. By buying mobile accessories from CaseOnline, you can feel confident that your phone is well protected and that you are getting high-quality accessories at a good price.