About us

CaseOnline Sweden AB

Huge range of mobile accessories and home electronics.

With a collaboration with one of Europe's largest wholesalers, we offer a wide range of products.
You trade at a low margin and very good prices thanks to this.

  • Affordable products with good quality
  • Good customer service that cares about you
  • 30-day full refund

Our warehouse (Luleå)

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Everything for the mobile, smart watch, tablet etc.

You will find most of what you can ever imagine.
Choose from over 30000 different products.
Own stock and everything is shipped from Sweden.

Customer satisfaction

That you as a customer are satisfied is our highest priority. If something goes wrong, help us know so we can fix it.

CaseOnline Sweden AB
Org no. 559042-0724
Blomgatan 17 B
97331 Luleå
Email: info@caseonline.se