About Cookies

This site uses so-called cookies to keep track of our customers' shopping cart content. A Cookie is a small data file that your browser saves and associates with our site so that we know which customer belongs to which shopping cart.

If you have problems shopping with us, eg If the goods you are trying to put in the shopping cart do not stay in it, it may be because you have chosen that your browser does not accept cookies. In order to check out your customer basket, your browser must also support and have enabled SSL support, which is a protocol for encrypting the information sent between this site and your own computer.

You can easily find help from Google on how to enable Cookies and SSL in several different browsers. You can find this list here .

What Cookies Are Used Here?

You can easily see which cookies are used by this site by scrolling down the bottom of the page and clicking the "Check your privacy" button.

3rd party cookies

When you visit this site, digital ad networks that we work with can also place anonymous cookies in support of displaying ads with targeted marketing messages based on visitor behavior. The information does not contain any personal information. If you do not wish to receive this type of customized ads, you can visit this page , which allows you to opt out of most companies using this type of marketing method. (This will not prevent you from seeing ads; however, ads will be targeted this way).