Privacy Screenguard 3D Soft HydroGel Apple iPhone 14 Pro
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Privacy Screenguard 3D Soft HydroGel Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

  • Soft screen protector
  • Anti-Spy protection
  • Resistant to moisture and grease
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Privacy Screen Protector 3D Soft HydroGel for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

HydroGel screen protector with Anti-Spy function

Privacy Screen Protector 3D Soft HydroGel for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a soft protective film that not only offers good protection against scratches and dirt, but also ensures that your browsing remains private. With the screen protector on the phone, the screen becomes difficult to see from the side, giving you the privacy you need when using your mobile phone in public. The Anti-Spy function causes the screen of your mobile phone to turn black when viewed from the side. Only you who are directly in front of the screen can clearly see what is displayed.

Soft and thin protective film

This soft and thin protective film for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 provides complete protection for the mobile phone screen. Only 0.125mm thick, it is barely noticeable that the screen protector is on, but effectively protects against moisture, dirt, scratches and grease, which makes the screen look new for a longer time. That's because the screen protector is made of polyurethane and similar polymers that have the ability to absorb shock and offer some self-healing capacity. This means that minor scratches may disappear or become less visible over time.

Easy to assemble and long lasting durability

It is easy to install the Privacy Screen Protector 3D Soft HydroGel on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. The screen protector has a lime technology which means that it gets a strong bond on the screen and does not come off for a long time and maintains its effectiveness.

What is 3D Soft HydroGel?

The HydroGel screen protection material is a revolutionary product in the field of screen protection, which comes from the chemical processing of polymer networks that have high water absorbing properties. Think of HydroGel as a technologically advanced form of plastic that, when processed, acquires superior protective properties and ultra transparency.

The term "Hydro" refers to the use of water in the manufacturing process, while "Gel" refers to the flexible, cushion like nature of the material. The material is significantly more flexible and shock absorbing compared to traditional glass or plastic screen protectors. The result is a screen protector that is remarkably thin, almost invisible to the naked eye, and can protect your phone's screen from common drops, scratches and even smudges.

HydroGel screen protectors are not only transparent, but they also maintain original clarity and touch sensitivity. They are designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 display. With correct installation, no bubbles form, unlike conventional plastic covers. Smaller bubbles can disappear after a few days with the help of the self-healing function of the HydroGel material, even smaller scratches disappear with time.

Essentially, HydroGel screen protectors combine the best features of both plastic and tempered glass screen protectors, giving your phone screen optimal protection and clarity without compromise.


Colour: Transparent
Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
Material: Hydrogel

1 x Privacy screen protector film
2 x Napkin wet/dry
1 x Scraper

0.01 kg
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
HydroGel Film
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Privacy screenguard 3D soft hydrogel

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