HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese electronics company founded in 1997. The mobile phones were initially based on Windows Mobile and they became at that time one of the founders of the Open Handset Alliance. They were the largest smartphone supplier in the US in 2011 before Samsung and Apple and other mobile manufacturers came into the race, and in 2017 they sold half of the design, research and rights to Google.


HTC has manufactured lots of mobile phones and we at CaseOnline have mobile covers to offer for pretty much all the models they manufactured. Having some kind of mobile phone case is a must today as the phones are fragile with their increasingly large glass screens. We have silicone cases in various variants and colors. Cases in different materials and designs, see which mobile cover suits your HTC phone best in our e-shop.


If you think it's practical to carry credit cards and driving licenses with you, a phone wallet is a smart case that also protects the phone really well. We have lots of variations and designs. Choose material and color but also functions that suit you. The larger mobile wallet cases have room for more credit cards and banknotes but also coin compartments.


Ensure the protection of your display with a screen protector. We have display covers made of tempered glass and soft screen protectors made of different materials such as hydrogel and plastic film.