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Chinese company Huawei largest telecom in the world. Headquartered in Shenzhen and 170,000 employees. The company was founded in 1987 and is today one of the three largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world.


CaseOnline distinguishes itself by offering a wide range, ie we offer mobile covers for pretty much all Huawei phones on the market. Everything from silicone cases to more complex protective cases. As mobile phones today are often fragile, you should protect the phone with a case either for the back of the phone or an all-encompassing case that also protects the screen.


A practical protection and at the same time functional case is a phone wallet.
Available in many variants from a card compartment to 14 card compartments and coin compartments.
Models with zippers and necklaces. Some have a card compartment on the inside, but there are also those that have a compartment on the outside. Magnetic cases are also popular.


It is absolutely necessary to protect the fragile glass screen with a display protector.
The screen protectors are available in different materials, for example tempered glass. Some screens have curved edges and then we have special screen guards called 3D or 5D that are designed to follow the contours of the screen. We also have simpler display protectors made of soft plastic film in different materials and functions.