LG Electronics a subsidiary of LG founded in 1958. LG is an abbreviation of Life`s Good. They were also pioneers in the development of the first radio set in Korea. After that, the manufacture of television sets was started. In Sweden, products with the name Goldstar were initially sold, we remember that from not least VHS video tape recorders. However, these products maintained a rather poor quality and the company began working on a new strategy to improve profitability. The brand made a quality increase and sponsored the ice hockey LG Hockey Games. Sales showed an improved attitude towards the LG brand. The first mobile phone with the name LG Chocolate was released in 2006.
LG has since 2021 left the smartphone market and invested in other electronic products.


LG has manufactured a variety of mobile phones and we have mobile covers for almost all models. They are sorted by different series in our category system. In order for the case to fit your phone, it is important that you choose the right model. We have cases in a variety of colors and designs. Silicone materials, even TPU cases are popular as they are somewhat harder but still classified as silicone cases.


A wallet case is another good protection. It covers the entire phone and protects it well, plus you can carry credit cards, driver's licenses and bills. They have a smart magnetic lock that keeps the phone wallet closed. A safe protective case if you happen to drop your phone.


A complete protection of the phone is obtained with the help of a screen protector. Screen protectors keep dirt and scratches away and are available in different materials such as tempered glass or regular film.
Installing a screen protector is quite simple.