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Meizu Tecjnology Ltd, Chinese electronics manufacturer founded by Jack Wong in 2003. The company started its production of MP3 players. In 2007, Meizu shifted its focus towards the mobile market and launched its first smartphone in 2007 named Meizu M8 and had a Windows based operating system. The technology was too similar to the Apple iPhone, so a lawsuit from Apple forced them to make changes and released the Meizu M8SE in 2009. 2011 Meizu switched to android operating system.


CaseOnline only started buying mobile covers for Meizu in 2022 when some models have now been released in Sweden.
Silicone cases provide good protection and do not change the appearance of the phone too much. Cases are available in several different colors and designs.
A good protection against scratches and dirt.


Phone case or phone wallet protects the entire phone, i.e. front and back. In addition, these cases are often equipped with a card compartment and a banknote compartment, which is practical.
We have phone wallets in different variants, choose your favorite bag in our e-store.


You should equip the phone's display with a screen protector as it is both large and fragile and is exposed to both dirt and the risk of scratches.
Display protectors are available in different materials, both soft plastic film or tempered glass which is a little more durable.