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Keyboards are standardized through ISO/IEC 9995 ("Information technology — Keyboard layouts for text and office systems") from 1994.
The standard does not describe the specific keyboards, but provides a framework for other standards.
Swedish adaptation of this keyboard is specified in the standard SIS 66 22 41.
A keyboard for computer use consists of a number of different types of keys. Text entry keys and occasional modifier keys are a legacy of the typewriter.
In appearance, a computer keyboard is often designed according to a certain basic design with keys in five or six horizontal rows.
In the center of the keyboard are the text entry keys, while other types of keys are placed around.
The keys on the different rows are usually placed at an angle compared to adjacent rows, something that is a legacy from the typewriter age and at least in theory should be able to facilitate fingering.
Counted from the top, the keys in the different key rows consist of the following types of keys:

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