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Motorola inc was an American electronics company that was founded in 1028. From the beginning they manufactured car radios but later on switched to telecommunications and radio communication as well as mobile phones. The company was split in 2011 into two separate companies, Motorola Mobility LLC and Motorola Solutions Inc. Already in 1973, Motorola presented the world's first mobile phone.


With us you will find a variety of mobile covers for the entire Motorola series in several types of materials and designs. Soft and hard phone cases in all the colors of the rainbow. A cover protects the phone's back and edges against dirt and bumps, and you also get a better grip on the mobile phone. The cases are model adapted and you have access to the phone's functions.


A practical case for your Motorola phone is another type of protection. A phone wallet with a card and banknote compartment is, at the same time that you get a wallet with the purchase, an all-encompassing protection with a magnetic lock. This makes it durable and protects the phone well if you happen to drop it on the ground. The cases are offered in several colors, materials and designs. The mobile phone is fixed with the help of a shell inside the case. Some are half-glued and you have the option of angling the phone so that the shell forms a stand. This is practical when watching movies, for example.


Tempered glass screen protector 9H is 9 times harder than normal glass, it is a laminated glass and protects the phone's display excellently against dirt, scratches and minor impacts. Display protection film is a soft plastic film that is also resistant to dirt and scratches. This film is next invisible after it is mounted on the glass. The screen protectors have a double-adhesive surface, which makes it easy to mount on the mobile phone. We at CaseOnline have display protection for most Motorola mobiles.