Nokia abp is a large Finnish telecommunications company that was initially perhaps best known for manufacturing rubber boots and car tires. During the 80s and 90s, Nokia was a large and important player in the development of mobile phones. Nokia's slogan "Connecting People" was often featured in the company's logo. Nokia was involved in the creation of the Nordic NMT network and later also the GSM network. During the 1990s, other parts of the company were sold and Nokia invested in mobile phones, where it was successful and eventually became the third largest company in the industry.
Nokia later lost market share after struggling with delays in development and they finally started collaborating with Microsoft in 2011 .
Since 2016, Nokia has been manufacturing mobile phones again together with the Finnish manufacturer HMD Glodal and they now use the Android operating system.


If there is any phone that has been around for a long time when it comes to covers for mobile phones, it is Nokia phones. Who doesn't remember Nokia push-button phones from the 90s.
We at CaseOnline have mobile cases for all Nokia mobile phones, choose color and material or feature. Silicone case is excellent choice of protection.


A mobile phone equipped with a case, for example a functional phone wallet, is very good protection for the phone. Practical to only carry a driver's license, payment card and notes.
The traditional wallet is rarely needed these days. With a practical phone wallet you have everything you need in one place. The cases are available in several models and designs for those who need a lot of card slots or a magnetic removable phone part that makes it easy to answer calls. We have most things in stock.


Last but not least, it is important to protect the phone with a screen protector as it is exposed to a lot of dirt. Screen protection effectively prevents scratches and dirt, if you want to be extra safe, a screen protector made of tempered glass is a good choice.