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Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969 and is a world-leading electronics manufacturer that in 2012 became the world's largest supplier of mobile phones. Samsung is still today the world's largest manufacturer based on the number of phones sold. Since 2010, the electronics giant has released approximately 60 units. CaseOnline has mobile covers and protection for pretty much all Samsung Smartphones since the start in 2009. Samsung releases new phone models throughout the year, with the two major events normally held in January and August.


CaseOnline has a wide range of mobile phone covers and accessories for all Samsung models. Here you will find lots of different covers such as back sides full cover cases with front and back which in a smart way then also work as an integrated screen protector. Access to phone features. Protect your expensive phone with a case before the accident happens. The mobile phone case is manufactured in a lot of different materials that provide a better grip on the mobile phone and the best possible protection. An example is TPU case, which has many beneficial properties but is still very similar to silicone. Metal cases are often popular in various crafts but are also suitable for leisure activities. In northern Sweden, these shells are popular to take with you on snowmobile trips. Metal case provides an extra robust feel and superior protection for your phone. The material in the metal case is often aluminum which is light and often integrated silicone insert which together forms a very shock absorbent and strong protection.


A phone wallet is perfect protection for a mobile phone as it protects both the front and the back while allowing you to carry credit cards, notes and receipts with you.
CaseOnline offers a variety of different variants of phone wallets ranging from the slimmer models with only one card slot to the thicker models that hold up to 14 card slots.
Some variants also have coin compartments with a zipper. There are also variants with a magnetic removable cover, where the phone is attached to a cover that is attached to the case with the help of magnetism.
These cases are called 2in1 and make it easier to answer calls and make it possible to choose when and if want the wallet part with them or not.


A screen protector is always good so the mobile phone is protected from scratches, dirt and shocks. Screen protectors are available in a variety of materials such as tempered glass, pet film, hydrogel, UV glue.