Buy smartwatch accessories



At CaseOnline you will find watchbands and accessories for your smartwatch. We have a wide range of replacement watchbands in different materials and colours.
We are constantly working to broaden the range and if you do not find what you are looking for, please write us an email. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin and Huawei are the ones who constantly release new smartwatches, but we try to keep the supply in line with the launch of new models. Today's smart watches are expensive and more fragile than a traditional watch, so we also have different types of protection such as shells, screen protectors and watchbands with built-in cases. Stylish and strong watchbands in stainless steel are popular, they are available in a variety of designs.


We have interchangeable smartwatch watchbands in a variety of designs and materials. Silicone wristbands in a variety of colors and models. Also two colored and ventilated watchbands.
Our replaceable watchbands are model-specific and are delivered complete with fastening pins. Stainless steel watchbands that can be adjusted in length, tools for shortening the watchband are also included. There are magnetic watchbands with a hidden clasp, i.e. they are locked with magnets that are built into the watchband. All our watchbands are nickel-free. Leather watchbands are available with both a sprint lock and an easyfit quick fastener. Welcome to shop for watchbands at CaseOnline.


We have cases for smartwatches, both bumpers and cases with built-in glass screen protectors in a variety of delicious colors. The case is model adapted and snaps over the edges of the watch,
Our smartwatch cases with built-in glass protect the entire watch from scratches, dirt and shocks. We also have stainless steel cases in different designs and colors. With a case for the smartwatch, you change the appearance so that it suits you. Most cases can be matched with a watchband in the same colour.


Protect the expensive smartwatch with a screen protector. We have both soft plastic film and tempered glass screen protectors. Some display protectors are curved and follow the shape of the watch, these are often called 3D screen protectors.


Just like phones, smartwatch manufacturers have not yet agreed on a common charging connector for smart watches. That's why we offer different charging cables and adapters for your smartwatch.
USB adapter for smart watch socket allows you to charge it with the mobile phone cable or from the computer. Handy if you need to charge the watch at work or another place or need a spare cable. Our charging cables are model adapted.