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Garmin Smartwatch

A smart watch is a portable computer in the form of a watch, nowadays all smart watches have a touch screen and equipped with a variety of apps.
The watch is easily integrated with other technical equipment such as a mobile phone, computer, wireless headphones and television.
Smart watches today are not just a watch anymore, but can do most things that a modern mobile phone can do.
The watch can function as a digital camera, barometer, thermometer, altimeter cameras, thermometers, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, altimeter, compass, GPS receiver, speaker and microSD card.
Smart watches are constantly evolving, design, battery capacity and health-related application units of many other types of computers.
The company's first product was aimed at the maritime market. The GPS 100 debuted in 1990 and was a panel-mounted GPS receiver.
The brand was met with early success and in 1991 it was contracted by the US military.
Since early on, Garmin's focus has been on GPS and handheld navigation systems.
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