Accessories for the Garmin D2 series

Garmin D2 series

Garmin D2 series: Tailored for pilots and aviation enthusiasts

Navigate the air with unmatched precision, comfort and style with the Garmin D2 Series the definitive aviation smartwatch designed to meet the unique needs of pilots and aviation professionals. Incorporating cutting-edge GPS technology, comprehensive avionics and a robust suite of smart features, the Garmin D2 serves as an invaluable cockpit companion and a breakthrough in flight apparel.

Airworthy durability

Each Garmin D2 watch is designed to withstand the rigors of the cockpit environment and is crafted from aerospace grade materials such as scratch resistant sapphire lenses and lightweight but durable titanium or stainless steel bezels. These watches are rigorously tested for thermal, shock and water resistance to comply with the demanding aviation standards.

Flight Custom Features

The Garmin D2 series revolutionizes flight navigation and planning with a range of dedicated flight functions. Experience seamless direct to and nearest route features, real time worldwide weather radar data, and a database of thousands of airports and waypoints. Important flight parameters such as altitude, airspeed and heading are displayed with incredible accuracy, all with the flick of a finger.

Uncompromising navigation

With support for multiple GNSS, including GPS, GLONASS and Galileo systems, the Garmin D2 series offers unmatched positional accuracy, whether you're airborne or on the ground. Additional navigation sensors such as a barometric altimeter, gyroscope and 3-axis compass enhance your situational awareness, making every flight safer and more efficient.

Comprehensive health and wellness tracking

In addition to its flight tools, the Garmin D2 is equipped with a robust health and wellness suite. Monitor vital metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and stress to keep track of your physical condition, whether you're at cruising altitude or enjoying downtime between flights.

Seamless connection

Garmin D2 integrates effortlessly with Garmin's aviation ecosystem and other smart devices, offering features such as smartphone notifications, automatic flight logging and wireless data synchronization via the Garmin Connect™ app. Stream music, make contactless payments via Garmin Pay™ and stay connected with intelligent alerts, all without having to reach for your smartphone.

Adaptability and extensibility

Customize your Garmin D2 watch to suit your flying style with customizable data fields and watch faces. Expand your watch's capabilities by downloading aviation-related apps and widgets from the Garmin Connect IQ™ Store, turning your watch into an even more versatile aviation tool.

The Garmin D2 series sets a new standard for flight watches, offering a perfect blend of specialized flight functions, smart connectivity and well being. Perfect for experienced flyers and aspiring pilots alike, it transforms the flying experience, making every journey safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.

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