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The company was formed in a merger of Ericsson and Sony in 2001. Ericsson, just like Nokia, struggled during the 90s with component shortages, which led to associations of new phone models. The losses turned to profit in 2004. In 2012, Sony Corporation bought the remaining half of Ericsson and thus changed its name to Sony Mobile Communications.
The head office was located in Tokyo.


Mobile phone covers for all of Sony's various series of phones, at CaseOnline you are guaranteed to find a case that fits your mobile phone. A protective silicone case can be a good start, buy the color and function that suits your phone best in our e-store. You still have access to all the functions of your phone as all our phone cases are model adapted.


The most popular case for the mobile phone is probably the phone wallet. It is a smart and practical case because it both protects the phone and at the same time you can carry cards and other belongings with you. We offer lots of variants, colors and materials of cases and bags. We have had some phone wallets manufactured, for example the larger cases that hold up to nine cards, the phone wallet is then called a double flip.


Since the phone is quite expensive and has a fragile glass screen, it should be protected by a screen protector. Display protection of a simpler model such as plastic film or the slightly stronger protection of tempered glass. All screen protectors have a double-adhesive backing and are quite easy to install. CaseOnline also has screen protectors for the camera itself, as lately they are increasingly larger and more advanced. These camera lens protectors are also available in material tempered glass and plastic film.