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Sony Xperia 10 V

Specifications about the mobile phone

Model: Sony Xperia 10 V
Introduced: May 2023
Screensize: 6.1"
Dimensions: 155 x 68 x 8.3mm
Weight: 159g

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Protect your Sony Xperia 10 V with our quality mobile cases that offer both style and durability. Our carefully selected range includes a variety of options to suit your personal preferences. From elegant and slim designs to robust and heavy-duty cases, we have something for everyone. Our phone cases provide excellent protection against everyday bumps, scratches and accidental drops, ensuring the longevity of your phone. Find the perfect phone cases to complement your style and keep your Sony Xperia 10 V well protected.

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Keep your Sony Xperia 10 V screen in perfect condition with a screen protector. Our screen protectors are made from high quality materials that provide excellent transparency and touch sensitivity while protecting against scratches, smudges and fingerprints. With easy installation and bubble-free adhesion, our screen protectors ensure a seamless user experience without compromising the visual clarity of your phone. We offer display protection of different materials and functions. Invest in a screen protector to protect the screen of your Sony Xperia 10 V.

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