Already in 1888, Elisha Gray took out a patent for an electronic device that could capture handwriting using a pen. In the early 1960s the RAND tablet was invented.
Portable tablet computers have been around since the 90s, for example Gridpad from 1989 and Microsoft Tablet PC since 2001. Some early manufacturers of the mini tablet with a screen size between 5" to 7" were Samsung Tab and Google Nexus 7. The touchpad became the Christmas present of the year in 2010 and the Apple iPad dominated the market in 2011. In 2012, Apple released the iPad Mini 7.85" mini touchpad to compete with the Google Nexus 7.


CaseOnline sells a variety of covers and protections for all tablets on the market. Silicone cases, Liquid cases and shock-resistant shells with integrated stands. We have most things in stock. The tablet, which today has increasingly large screens, is fragile and should be protected with a case. A cover also provides a good grip on the tablet, some protective cases have a built-in stand or handle. We also have cases for children in a foam rubber-like material that can withstand being dropped and they have a handle that can be angled like a stand, which is practical when watching movies.


If you want to protect the tablet really well, a comprehensive case is an excellent choice. The cover of the case protects the screen from scratches and dirt, while it can be folded up as a stand in several different angles. We also have stronger cases but rotatable function to turn the tablet horizontally or vertically. Some cases have a shoulder strap or an integrated handle on the back of the case.
With a protective case, the tablet is protected really well and is also easy to carry around.


Protect the tablet with a screen protector made of tempered glass or plastic film to keep dirt and scratches away from the tablet's display.