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VIVO Communication Technology Ltd is a Chinese multinational smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Gongguan. The company was founded in 1995 and initially manufactured cordless and cordless phones. In 2011 they started their smartphone manufacturing and in 2020 their smartphones were launched in Europe. Vivo and Zeiss started collaborating in 2020 to improve the camera part of the phones and they released their first mobile phone with Zeiss technology in the Vivo X60 series.


We sell PHONE covers for Vivo phones in a variety of materials and colors.
Silicone cases are a good and stylish protection for the phone. The phone case keeps dirt and scratches away while providing a better grip on the phone.


A practical case is the phone wallet, which has room for both credit cards and banknotes. The case also protects the entire phone all around and keeps the phone well protected from dirt, scratches and if you happen to drop the phone. We have variants in different colors, materials and number of credit card slots. There are also models that have a removable wallet part, which can be practical when you don't want to carry your wallet. The wallet part in such cases is held in place by means of magnetism.


Display protection is an obvious choice as today's phones are expensive and fragile.
CaseOnline has both screen protectors made of plastic film and tempered glass, which is more durable protection.
Recently, it has also become popular to protect the mobile phone's camera as these also become larger and are fragile.
Also for the camera there are both soft camera protection or tempered glass protection for the mobile camera.