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Xiaomi Inc is China's largest manufacturer and seller of mobile phones. The company was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Beijing. The company unveiled its first mobile phone as recently as 2011 and has since expanded, surpassing both Samsung and Apple in the number of units sold in China. Xiaomi phones went on sale in Europe in 2016.


We have plenty of protection for Xiaomi phones in our e-shop. Phone covers in all its shapes and colors. The back and edges of the phone are well protected with a smart mobile case. The phone's functions are not affected by a model adapted case. The shell has holes for buttons, camera and charging socket. A soft silicone case improves the grip on the phone. Transparent shells give a stylish look.


With a case for the phone, you are always complete, wallet and phone in one. A phone wallet has both card slots and bill compartments, some cases sometimes also have a coin compartment.
Check out our wide range of cases and you will surely find a phone wallet that suits you and your phone model. If you find the phone wallet to be bulky, we also have other models of cases, for example with a card compartment on the back of a case. There are also variants that hang around the neck.


We have display protectors and screen protectors in several different variants and materials such as tempered glass and softer materials for all Xiaomi phones. It is important to protect the expensive screen from dirt, scratches and external influences as a display is expensive and fragile. Avoid expensive repairs a tempered glass screen protector is a good option.